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“An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 !! Dr. Cuevas must have asked himself, “what is this?” when he saw my mouth. After years of dental care, including multiple extractions and every manner of bridgework, I was referred to Dr. Cuevas. Following thorough evaluation and preparation, Dr. Cuevas reinvented my mouth. His extraordinary expertise, his command of technique, technology and artistry is unparalleled; his empathy ever present. Each member of Dr. Cuevas’ Office Support Team mirrors his professionalism and kindness. They welcome and support me to this day – 14 years later. In addition to Prosthodontist, Dr. Cuevas’ credentials should read ‘Psychologist’. For, in remaking my SMILE, he restored my confidence and my spirit. My colleagues tell me that I am the only person they know who LOVES TO GO TO HER DENTIST!!!!!!!!!!”

Candace L.

“What a great, life changing experience! Anyone considering cosmetic dentistry, or hesitating to do so, should go see Dr. Cuevas and his staff. From the very first consultation, the experience was outstanding. The caring and professional manner of Dr. Cuevas and his staff made the whole process effortless. Things you might not think twice about, like scheduling appointments and the gentle reminders prior to visits were very helpful. The results are wonderful, not only cosmetically, but emotionally – you can’t imagine how much better you feel with a great smile! You would never see me in old pictures smiling with my teeth showing. Now I can’t help but open up and show them off. There wasn’t a single procedure that Dr. Cuevas and his staff performed that made me uncomfortable or caused me any pain. I left each appointment excited by the progress and anticipating the next visit and the result I would see. Dr. Cuevas is not only highly qualified and experienced, he is also an accomplished artist and a master of his craft. The proof is in the pictures!”

Hillel W.

” Talent and Compassion! Dr. Cuevas is the such a talented and compassionate dentist. I came to his office with a mouthful of badly compromised teeth, a fear of pain from not being fully numb, phobias about impressions and rubber dams, and a host of other problems. Much to my surprise, I emerged a few months later with a beautiful flawless smile that looks natural, and a new respect for what can happen when a dentist has serious skills and a kind and understanding nature. I also must add that Remi is a magician in her own right, with a light touch and flawless technique.”

Jane S.

“I couldn’t be happier with the major work that I had done by Dr. Cuevas. Throughout the process I was confident that Dr. Cuevas would make sure that his work was perfect and that I was satisfied. His office atmosphere is professional and pleasant as is his great staff. They make a wonderful team and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Cuevas to anyone. Thanks for making a scary, difficult process as easy as possible.”

Linda B.

“My Knight in Shining Armor! It is really quite simple; I went from an ugly-smiling duckling to a beautiful, smiling princess (at least I feel like a princess). After not being able to smile for many years, or when I had to smile, making sure my lips were pressed together, I can now finally show the world how happy I really am! So if I feel like a princess, I guess that makes Dr. Cuevas my Knight in Shining Armor! Dr. Cuevas, you have changed my life so drastically for the better, that I am lost for words in how to express my gratitude to you. And as for MaryAnn and Janice, because of their warmth, friendliness, and encouragement, I was able to continue through your office door visit after visit. So in essence, I am saying you and your staff are the best of the best and I will always be deeply grateful to you!”

Peggy D.

“New Confident Smile! I now have a new smile and I can smile with confidence. The treatment at Dr. Cuevas’ office was artistic professionalism, with a sense of humor. Everything went very well for me from the beginning to the end. The staff and Dr. are great. Thank you!”

Gary N.

“Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude to you and everyone at your office. You have given me my smile back! After years of smiling with a closed mouth, I am no longer self-conscious and can let fits of laughter out, and loud! Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel at ease; there isn’t that hesitation walking through the door-even for a big ‘fraidy cat’ like me. Never did I think that dentistry could be pain-free. I highly recommend your services to anyone that will listen! Thank you!”

Michele D., Norwalk, CT

“I cannot thank you enough for the excellent treatment I received from you and your friendly staff. How thrilled I am with the work you did and your caring and genuine concern for my smile.”